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Chipi Chipi…a legend…a true story

Chipi Chipi…a legend…a true story

My family has lived in (and loved) Aruba for many years.                      

When my grandfather, Louis Pick, moved here in the 1930's he dedicated himself to helping Arubans, both natives and visitors, find the highest quality goods, at the cheapest prices available so they could enjoy all that Aruba has to offer. In fact, he became famous across the island and was known by everyone as “Chipi Chipi"  "Let Chipi Chipi take care of it” became one of our island’s famous sayings, to those in the know.

Today I’m taking my grandfather’s dedication to hard work, quality and service and applying it to the latest technology to provide you the best groceries on the island, delivered directly to your door. I want to help you to never miss a moment when you're in Aruba.

GroceriesToGo Aruba is dedicated to providing you a seamless online shopping experience so your groceries and travel essentials are waiting for you when you arrive; fresh and exactly as you ordered. We proudly serve native Arubans too!

We’ve partnered with our islands’ most trusted grocers, bakers and delivery professionals so you can spend your time enjoying all the wonders of Aruba, without the hassle of shopping. So keep your toes in the sand, not in line at the grocery store and “LET CHIPI CHIPI TAKE CARE OF IT”!

Aruba. One Happy Island!

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